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Which of the five most popular hair growth products in 2023 is most recommended for evaluation?

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hair growth

I didn’t have thick and fluffy hair like my classmates, so I didn’t have to go to the barber shop every week. However, I didn’t care about it when I was a child. Until six months ago, when the work pressure became heavy after my promotion and I stayed up late at night, my hair volume was obviously thinner than before.😓😓

I feel that baldness makes me look 10 years older than my actual age.😵‍💫At first, I did my homework on the Internet and found out the principle of hair growth and the causes of hair loss. I didn’t know that I was bald until I found out that my hair follicles were damaged due to long-term stress and abnormal work and rest. Looking back to my student days, I found that I didn’t take good care of my scalp and often wore a hat to play basketball. Let the head bacteria smother the class all day.

Now I have been using hair nourishing solution continuously for 4 months, and the hair volume of my hairline has significantly increased. Of course, I still adjust to go to bed early with daily rest. The overall effect has been satisfactory, and I will continue to use it, hoping that the hair volume will be more abundant than that of my student.😆😆

The following details converge some key points for your reference, provide product selection methods and help identify the reasons for their hair loss, I hope everyone can start conditioning as soon as possible, let the hair volume increase rapidly, look can be 10 years younger ~~

How Hair Grows

Each hair is grown by a hair follicle, and there are three stages of hair follicle growth:anagen、catagen、telogen,When the hair follicle goes through regression and resting phase, it will start to shrink and then continue to grow in a cycle from the growth phase, but if the scalp is not healthy, it will not function properly to grow new h

The main reason is the excessive amount of dihydrotestosterone hormone (DHT) in the body, which causes hair follicle recession and hair loss crisis.DHT is mainly located in the forehead and the crown of the head and is converted by the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. Therefore, androgenetic alopecia can be treated by blocking the production of DHT as early as possible, otherwise the hair follicles will gradually die, resulting in permanent alopecia.

Does hair growth water really work? How to choose a variety of hair growth products (edible / application / hair spray)

There are a wide variety of hair products on the market, so how to choose the right medicine? After collecting the professional information on the market, I classified the following experiences: whether it is hair tonic or hair rogaine, the most important thing is whether the product has ingredients that promote hair growth and block the generation of DHT. Only in this way can we truly meet our needs and help people sort out scientifically proven, safe and common hair rogaine materials. For everyone to identify the selection! This time, we will first share the topical products, which can directly stimulate the growth parts. We will update the oral hair growth products after they are used together for some time~

What are the common germinal ingredients/germinal nutrition/germinal efficacy

1.High concentration of caffeine

Studies have shown that high concentration of caffeine can inhibit phosphodiesterase (PDE), offset hair loss caused by excessive testosterone in the body, the content only 0.001% and 0.005% caffeine can effectively inhibit DHT production, while prolonging hair follicle growth, by stimulating cell metabolism to promote proliferation and growth of hair, in addition to caffeine also has antioxidant and inflamed effects, can quickly penetrate hair roots, strengthen hair root toughness and moisturize and maintain the scalp.

Literature Reference:Int J Dermatol. 2007 Jan;46(1):27-35. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-4632.2007.03119.x.

Literature Reference:Int J Trichology. 2012 Jul-Sep; 4(3): 185–186.doi: 10.4103/0974-7753.100096


It is a combination of oleanolic acid, apigenin, biotin and other active substances from olive leaves. It has been proved by studies that the concentration of 3% can block the generation of DHT, improve the blood circulation of hair follicles, effectively activate the proliferation of proteins, and promote the growth of hair follicles. The ingredients are all natural extracts, which are developed by Corda, a century-old cosmetics group in the UK.

➜Literature Reference:ZHANG YH et al., 2000Endothelium – dependent vasorelaxant and antiproliferative effects of apigenin.Gen. Phamacol., 35 (6), p341-347


The ingredient safflower alfalfa contains a flavonoid natural compound – Biochanin A, which inhibits 5α reductase, which can make hair follicles grow without damage and reduce inflammation, and is classified as phytoestrogens, there are no studies showing adverse effects on the human body, but there are adverse reactions after ingestion in animals, there are not enough human reports to confirm, and more long-term studies are needed to evaluate the safety of phytoestrogens.

➜Literature Reference:J Clin Aesthet Dermatol. 2020 Oct;13(10):32-37. Epub 2020 Oct 1.


The most common hair growth ingredient on the market, the only topical drug approved by the US FDA, belongs to the drug category, originally a drug for the treatment of high blood pressure, and later used as a cephalodilator for the scalp vasodilator, without the function of reducing DHT, can only increase the blood circulation of the scalp cells, and then stimulate hair growth, but because it is a drug treatment, there may be a recovery of hair loss after discontinuation, and a few will cause the side effects of scalp allergy.

➜Literature Reference:Minoxidil sulfotransferase activity influences the efficacy of Rogaine topical solution (TS): enzyme studies using scalp and platelets. Buhl, AE,; Baker, CA.; Dietz, AJ.; J Invest Dermatol, 1994; 102:534

5.saw palmetto

It is a plant of the palm family, native to the West Indies, which can be seen in the southeastern North America, and has been scientifically confirmed that its oval berry extract contains the active ingredients that can fight male baldness – fatty acids and plant natural sterols, and can inhibit 5α reductase, block DHT production, avoid hair follicle death, and then improve hair loss in the top and hair swirl.

➜Literature Reference:Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci. 2018 Jun;22(12):4000-4008

6.Vitamin B complex – biotin

The main source of keratin that makes up hair is biotin, that is, vitamin B7, and other B vitamins help the production of red blood cells, can transmit oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles, the human body needs enough nutrients to maintain the health of the skin and hair follicles; B1B2 regulates hormones balance, so it is used as an effective nutritional supplement to treat hair loss, promoting hair growth and quality.

➜Literature Reference:Int J Trichology. 2016 Apr-Jun; 8(2): 73–77.doi: 10.4103/0974-7753.188040

7.Blue copper peptide

Blue copper peptide is a kind of tissue regeneration and protein production transmitter produced by the human body, which was originally confirmed in animal experiments to increase the concentration of vascular endothelial growth factor, and this growth factor is believed to increase hair follicle and hair growth, but the experiments are through in vitro culture of cells and animal tests, lack of large-scale human experiments and traceable data studies, so its hair growth efficacy is still questionable.

➜Literature Reference:J Clin Invest. 2001 Feb;107(4):409-17. doi: 10.1172/JCI11317.

8.Ginger extract

Ginger contains two major components – “curcumin” and “gingerol”, which can remove moisture in the body, accelerate blood circulation and activate hair follicles, so that the scalp can grow healthy and strong hair; As well as the function of antioxidant, prevent the aging of hair cells and scalp, healthy conditioning from hair roots, and the ingredients are natural plants, which has high benefits for hair growth.

➜Literature Reference:Arch Dermatol Res.2020 Aug;312(6):395-406. doi: 10.1007/s00403-019-02003-x. Epub 2019 Nov 3.

What are the causes of hair loss/hair loss/baldness

1.High physical and mental stress

Long-term stress can lead to decreased immunity, endocrine and hormone disorders, and hair loss problems.

Improvement: Stress can be released regularly through exercise and travel.

2.Genetic inheritance and hormones

Male baldness accounts for the majority of people’s head skin trouble, related to family inheritance and hormone secretion disorders, if a family member has hair loss problems may be caused by congenital genes, resulting in male hormone too much, both boys and girls may occur.

Improvement: Treat and maintain hair follicles as soon as possible before necrosis.

3.Lack of sleep

Poor sleep quality can lead to insufficient hormone secretion; Too little sleep prevents immune cells from repairing at night, and these disordered schedules can stagnate growth hormones and stop hair growth.

Improvement: Get enough sleep and have a regular schedule.

4.Uneven diet

Hair is composed of keratin, if long-term protein intake is insufficient, resulting in the loss of nutrients in the body, so that hair lacks nutrients and cannot grow healthily.

Improvement: should be a balanced diet, intake of natural foods to supplement iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium and other vitamins.

5.Skin disease folliculitis

A common skin problem, caused by bacteria or mold invading hair follicles, caused by inflammatory reactions, resulting in scalp metabolism blockage and hair unable to grow healthily.

Improvement: Do not over-clean your scalp, do not change your helmet, and eat spicy and fried foods for a long time.

6.Excessive alcohol intake

The liver is an organ that makes protein, and excessive drinking can affect liver function and indirectly cause problems with head growth.

Improvement: If the scalp hair loss is severe, please quit alcohol.

Suitable for people who want to use hair rogaine/want to improve baldness, hair loss

***Type 1-3 baldness can condition the scalp through external germinal water (hair nourishing liquid) to promote hair follicle re-growth. As long as you choose products containing germinal ingredients and patiently adjust for 3-6 months, you can effectively restore a healthy scalp; However, the fourth type of baldness is more severely damaged, so it requires consultation with a physician, and may require a combination of medications or planned hair growth surgery to restore hair volume.

1.Male alopecia areata (hereditary hair loss):Affected by DHT – androgen hormones, hair follicles go into early decline, resulting in thinning and weak hair at the hairline or top of the head.

2.Baldness (stress or illness):Also known as round baldness or gevisceration, patients suffer from irregular round patches of hair loss on the scalp due to stress, autoimmune diseases and other causes.

3.Dormant alopecia areata (after delivery):Triggered by a variety of reasons, which may occur after delivery, uneven diet, weight loss and nutritional deficiencies, hypothyroidism, or drug effects, usually irregular hair loss.

4.Cicatricial alopecia (permanent hair loss):Hair follicles become inflamed due to autoimmune disorders such as lupus erythematosus and lichen planus, or chronic abnormal keratosis of the hair follicles and bacterial infections, resulting in fibrosis of the tissue around the scalp, which can no longer grow, resulting in permanent hair loss.

Selection criteria for hair nourishment/hair tonage

Hair lotion/hair growth water purchase standard1.Can block the production of DHT

DHT is formed by the action of enzyme 5a reductase, which will shorten the growth period of hair follicles and is the main cause of hair loss, so the key to eliminating hair follicle necrosis is to reduce DHT, and there are currently studies that have been confirmed to effectively block the formation of DHT The ingredients are CapixylTM, sawpalm and Procapil®, when purchasing, ensure that the formula has original patents, international literature and scientific evidence, so that you can use the screen to remove hair crises with peace of mind.

Hair lotion/hair growth water purchase standard2.Repairs the ingredients that purify the scalp

When you have a healthy hair follicle growth cycle, it is even more important to maintain a good scalp environment! The scalp is often sweated due to exercise or poor hygiene habits, resulting in clogged growth pores and secretion of a large amount of sebum, causing inflammation and bacterial growth, resulting in serious hair loss, so please choose ingredients with purifying and repairing effects, and caffeine, probiotics, B group, ginger, these natural extracts can achieve significant results, when the scalp microorganisms are conditioned and balanced, hair root growth can be more strong and rich.

Hair lotion/hair growth water purchase standard3.Natural botanicals for hair growth

Please choose products without added drugs such as Minoxidil, silicone, formaldehyde, pigments and other chemicals, to avoid more serious hair loss or adverse side effects such as allergic redness after discontinuation, and choose the essence extracted by natural plants itself, and have the effect of activating hair follicle reproduction, such as ginger extract containing curcumol and caffeine with high concentration of caffeine is better!

Hair lotion/hair growth water purchase standard4.The ingredients have international patent certification and hair growth clinical experiments

Products used in the human body must pay attention to their quality control, international patent certification is an important indicator of consumer self-protection, it is necessary to select the source of ingredients are transparent and clear and can ensure the safety of ingredients by consulting the patent number; In addition, it is also necessary to have a clinical experiment report, grasp the actual efficacy through experimental data, and pay attention to whether the dosage of raw materials is sufficient, so that you can eat with a feeling and peace of mind! !

【TOP5 online reviews of hot selling hair growth products】

Product 1. 【Moonlight】Evolved Hair Follicle Serum

Recommended index ★★★

Selection criteria1Can block the production of DHTCopper peptides have no blocking function
Saw palmetto
Selection criteria2Repairs ingredients that purify the scalpCaffeine/probioticsO
Selection criteria3Natural botanicals for hair growthCaffeine/saw palmettoO
Selection criteria4The ingredients have international patent certification and hair growth clinical trialsNot raisedX
Product II. 【PowerHero】Scalp & Hair Treatment Strengthens and Plumps Hair

Recommended index ★★★★

Selection criteria1Can block the production of DHTProcapil®/saw palmetto is blockableO
Selection criteria2Repairs ingredients that purify the scalpContains B1-B12 Vitamin B/Probiotic B Complex/CaffeineO
Selection criteria3Natural botanicals for hair growthNatural ginger/caffeine/ginseng extract/saw palmettoO
Selection criteria4The ingredients have international patent certification and hair growth clinical trialsThere are patent numbers and experimental journalsO
Product III. 【Alpecin】Caffeine hair liquid

Recommended index ★★

Selection criteria1Can block the production of DHTCaffeine inhibits DHT productionO
Selection criteria2Repairs ingredients that purify the scalpcaffeineO
Selection criteria3Natural botanicals for hair growthSingle compositionX
Selection criteria4The ingredients have international patent certification and hair growth clinical trialsNot raisedX
Product IV. 【7D SOLUTION】7D Plumping Revitalizing Hair Essence

Recommended index ★★

Selection criteria1Can block the production of DHTCaffeine inhibits DHT productionO
Selection criteria2Repairs ingredients that purify the scalpOnly vitamin B6 is addedO
Selection criteria3Natural botanicals for hair growthAloe vera/chamomile has no hair growth effectX
Selection criteria4The ingredients have international patent certification and hair growth clinical trialsNot raisedX
Product V. 【INNEX Plant Extract Revitalization】Peptide Hair Essence – Oil Control

Recommended index ★★★

Selection criteria1Can block the production of DHTCapixylTM is blockable O
Selection criteria2Repairs ingredients that purify the scalpCaffeine/gingerO
Selection criteria3Natural botanicals for hair growthCaffeine/ginger can
Liquirhizic acid has no hair growth effect
Selection criteria4The ingredients have international patent certification and hair growth clinical trialsNot raisedX

【TOP5 hot selling hair growth products comprehensive score】

I have used the first three products of TOP so far, and found that the formula is too single to achieve a full range of conditioning, so the effect is not obvious after using it for one month😢😢Finally, PowerHero’s hair tonic was used.

After two months of initial use, we saw the round drop blocks begin to grow😭😭😭And the hair toughness has improved, unlike the hair before, but because it is soft, it looks particularly thin, and the effect is faster than I expected.

It’s an item that I’m currently repurchasing,If you are worried about the rampant fakes, you can go to the official website to buy (Authenticity Guarantee), attach a link to those who want to buy ►PowerHero official website Genuine Guarantee!

However, the most important point is to find out the cause of hair loss first, because there are really many causes of hair loss, and then go to the corresponding way that can be improved after finding, hair nourishment or hair growth water can be used as one of the pipes to assist acceleration.

However, if it is not used in large quantities according to the principle of safe selection, it may be counterproductive❌Make scalp inflammation worse, so please understand the cause of your hair loss first, and start a safe and effective product according to the above judgment criteria.

If there is no improvement or deterioration, you should still seek professional advice from a doctor for treatment, conditioning takes time to accumulate, and encourage everyone to be patient and recuperate, give yourself enough time, do not rush to see results, you will definitely be able to restore the original healthy hair volume!💪🏻💪🏻


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